Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ottawa Springtime vacation memories

Recently I spent several days in Ottawa. I was there to see the Canadian Tulip Festival, to take a river boat cruise, and as well as for the Victoria Day long weekend.
This blog, about my trip to Ottawa, is divided into 3 parts with each part being uploaded over the next little while.

The first part highlights the Canadian Tulip Festival. The Canadian Tulip Festival has grown to become the largest Tulip Festival in the world.
It was established to preserve the heritage of Canada's role in liberating the Dutch during World War II.
The first Canadian Tulip Festival was held in 1953. 2012 was the 60th commemorative edition of this botanical spectacle.
The festival has expanded to an event of 18 days, showcasing over 1 million tulips throughout Canada's Capital Region.
The most spectacular display of tulips is found in Commissioner's Park, at Dow's Lake,
where close to 300, 000 tulips in 60 different varieties bloom each year in 30 flower beds.

For more detailed information about the festival, see here:

And here is a small selection of tulip photos from the festival. I hope you enjoy them!

For anyone who has never checked out the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, it's a lovely chance to spend a Spring day in the midst of nature's beauty.

Tell me what you think about this blog post, share your own experiences if you have been to one of the past Tulip Festivals, or even your thoughts about tulips in general.

I'd love to read your comments.


  1. Beautiful. We have a place called Sherwood Gardens here in Baltimore and they plant thousands of tulip bulbs each fall. I've been meaning to go each spring but something always comes up so never get there. This year it was our blink of an eye spring that we had. Tulip are a favorite spring flower of mine. TFS.


    1. Hi Dee, it is amazing to think of all the work involved in planting that many tulips, but the spectacle is worth the effort. I will check out your Sherwood Gardens.