Monday, July 2, 2012

Featured Artisan - Howling Caterpillars - June Week 5

This week's week's featured artisan of the It's Better Handmade guild is Brenda of HowlingCaterpillars.
I am intrigued by the name and would love to know the origin but it seems very apt for this unique artisan who has a hilarious sense of humour. Check out her Blog You will be howling with laughter too!

Brenda makes all shapes and sizes of DreamWebs. She calls them DreamWebs because as she says: "I hesitate to call them true Dreamcatchers, because I am not a Native American. My interest in this Native American Craft started with my Aunt who's an honorary Navajo, teaching me the basics of wrapping the hoops and tying the webs and I've gone on from there. My products are quite non-traditional and every one is special and has it's own name. Each DreamWeb comes with it's name and the Legend of the DreamCatcher."

Eeek!!! Watch Out for the Thunder Lizards! 5 Inch DreamWeb
I love learning about other cultures and I have many books and artifacts on Native American culture but her interpretation of their Craft through her DreamWebs is fascinating and creative.

I love her Anasazi Challenge Piece (below) and the legend that goes along with it. Read the colourful legend in her ArtFire Shop.
Calling Down Achiyalabopa a Native American Style Assemblage Diorama

She has many other one-of-a-kind handmade items in her shop, including T-shirts, Good Karma Points, etc. Head on over to browse, you will be delighted.

Howling Caterpillares can also be found here:


  1. Very lovely article that features the inspiration and dedication HowlingCaterpillars has not only for handmade but for her honoring the Native American Heritage.


  2. Nice write up! Again another way to view her shop and her life and how she interprets her art!

  3. Love this artist and the way she interprets the world through her work.

  4. I have to agree, Brenda has a great sense of humor and had me in stitches at times. Her work is time honored ad beuatimus...♥

  5. Another great article! I always enjoy reading your posts, Judy!

  6. Nice feature. I too was intrigued by Brenda's studio name.


  7. Very Nice feature about this creative woman!