Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Featured Artisan of It's Better Handmade - Hippiescreations on ArtFire

This week's post is about an artist (Writer, Crochet, Painter, Wood Burner,Photography and much more) who is also an amazing individual. Petra Monaco of Hippiescreations.
She's been doing crafts since she was a youngster, learned to crochet as a teenager, and hasn't stopped creating. Her shop is filled with accessories, toys, blankets, jewelry, hats. Learn more about Petra here.

Here is a sampling of some of the cutest and cuddliest little critters I ever saw.
Crochet Animal AlpacaHilda the cute little monsterCrochet Yellow Monster looking for a home

and how about these crocheted animal hats? Will put a smile on anyone's face.
Fox Crochet Earflap Animal HatDeer with Antler Crochet Earflap HatDuck Animal Crochet Earflap Hat

An amazing individual because she has achieved many of her dreams:
- To open/operate a store in which to sell art and where art is created
- To write about her upbringing. She is a published author and her autobiographical novel is available on

Find Hippiescreations online at:……

Thanks for stopping by.
Leave a comment below after browsing Petra's shop to let me know which item is your favourite.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Featured Artisan - Lisianblu - It's Better Handmade

This week's featured artisan of the It's Better Handmade guild is Kris of lisianblu. She creates unique hand painted collectable ornaments and stained glass lovelies. Each hand painted ornament is a unique creation and will never be reproduced.
Her shop is filled with bottles, butterflies, bears, ornaments, windcatchers, appliques, and much more.
Better hurry to check them all out here as she says that her ornaments will only be available through July 24th, 2012. Don't miss out.

These ornaments are not only for Valentine's Day - show your love as well at Christmas for all to see.
Red Hot Hearts and Art Nouveau Hand Painted Valentine Ornament
Red Hot Hearts and Art Nouveau Hand Painted Valentine Ornament

All About The Heart Handpainted Heart Ornament
All About The Heart Handpainted Heart Ornament

And while you store away your declaration of love for the colder months, enjoy these windchimes now. Aren't they beautiful?
Butterfly Windchimes Stained Glass Aqua and Turquoise
Butterfly Windchimes Stained Glass Aqua and Turquoise SG033

Aside from her love of creating, she owns a rather finicky 12 yr old cat who doesn't paint, doesn't help her pack, heck he doesn't even chase mice, but she loves him anyway. Here he is:
 I can fall in love with him too.

Find Kris and her beautiful items here:

Thanks for reading and thanks for checking out her items.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Featured Artisan - GlassSulptureOrg - Its Better Handmade

This week's featured artisan of the Its Better Handmade guild is multi-talented Joy Alyssa Day of Spherical Magic, a professional artist, working in glass blowing, fusing, molding, casting, etching, painting, carving, and engraving.

Her shops are filled with gorgeous Wow items - from Pet Memorials to Jewelry, Ornaments, Christmas Cards and much, much more. Check them out here.

Having lived in Venice, Italy and visited the glass factories there, I can appreciate the skills and techniques she demonstrates in her beautiful creations. One of my many favourites is this Yellow Sun Cast Art Glass Bowl
Yellow Sun Cast Art Glass Bowl - Eco, Made in USA

I also love her glass pumpkins. How beautiful is this?
Blown Glass Pumpkin - Clear

Check out some of the beautiful pieces she created for some very famous people and places . Aren't they awesome? See them in her Gallery.

I can continue to rave about each of her creations, but I encourage you to see them all yourself at:

and link up with Joy Alyssa at:


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ottawa Springtime vacation memories

Recently I spent several days in Ottawa. I was there to see the Canadian Tulip Festival, to take a river boat cruise, and as well as for the Victoria Day long weekend.
This blog, about my trip to Ottawa, is divided into 3 parts with each part being uploaded over the next little while.

The first part highlights the Canadian Tulip Festival. The Canadian Tulip Festival has grown to become the largest Tulip Festival in the world.
It was established to preserve the heritage of Canada's role in liberating the Dutch during World War II.
The first Canadian Tulip Festival was held in 1953. 2012 was the 60th commemorative edition of this botanical spectacle.
The festival has expanded to an event of 18 days, showcasing over 1 million tulips throughout Canada's Capital Region.
The most spectacular display of tulips is found in Commissioner's Park, at Dow's Lake,
where close to 300, 000 tulips in 60 different varieties bloom each year in 30 flower beds.

For more detailed information about the festival, see here:

And here is a small selection of tulip photos from the festival. I hope you enjoy them!

For anyone who has never checked out the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, it's a lovely chance to spend a Spring day in the midst of nature's beauty.

Tell me what you think about this blog post, share your own experiences if you have been to one of the past Tulip Festivals, or even your thoughts about tulips in general.

I'd love to read your comments.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Featured Artisan - Howling Caterpillars - June Week 5

This week's week's featured artisan of the It's Better Handmade guild is Brenda of HowlingCaterpillars.
I am intrigued by the name and would love to know the origin but it seems very apt for this unique artisan who has a hilarious sense of humour. Check out her Blog You will be howling with laughter too!

Brenda makes all shapes and sizes of DreamWebs. She calls them DreamWebs because as she says: "I hesitate to call them true Dreamcatchers, because I am not a Native American. My interest in this Native American Craft started with my Aunt who's an honorary Navajo, teaching me the basics of wrapping the hoops and tying the webs and I've gone on from there. My products are quite non-traditional and every one is special and has it's own name. Each DreamWeb comes with it's name and the Legend of the DreamCatcher."

Eeek!!! Watch Out for the Thunder Lizards! 5 Inch DreamWeb
I love learning about other cultures and I have many books and artifacts on Native American culture but her interpretation of their Craft through her DreamWebs is fascinating and creative.

I love her Anasazi Challenge Piece (below) and the legend that goes along with it. Read the colourful legend in her ArtFire Shop.
Calling Down Achiyalabopa a Native American Style Assemblage Diorama

She has many other one-of-a-kind handmade items in her shop, including T-shirts, Good Karma Points, etc. Head on over to browse, you will be delighted.

Howling Caterpillares can also be found here: