Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured Artisan - Pin and Tack - June week 2

This week's featured artisan shop from the Its Better Handmade guild is PinAndTack, a boutique filled with pins, tacks and delightful treats for your home, office or gifting.

Corrinne is the  owner of PinAndTack and she loves all things that sparkle and shine! Rhinestones, glitter and anything that adds bling will most likely be found on her creations. She says her studio is an explosion of random supplies as she creates in a lot of different areas. I love the explosion of colour in her whimsical items.

Something I use almost every day is a journal to jot down my design ideas, thoughts and to-do's and I found some delightful journals in Corrinne's boutique. They are just the right size to carry in a handbag to have at a moment's notice and I would like to share my favourite with you: (isn't it delightfully feminine?)
Beauty Shoe w Bloom Composition Journal - OOAK

I also keep one in the car for when I get a call to pick up groceries or the dry-cleaning, etc.. and these smaller sizes are perfect. Just reaching for this one is sure to make you smile and I bet they will bring back childhood memories of hearing the stories.
Alice And Caterpillar Mini Journal - U Pick Color - Mini Scrapbook

There's lots more to browse in PinAndTack's boutique, so head on over and cheer up your day.

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  1. Hi Judy - Very good post for Pin and Tack. I've checked out several from the blog ring and find it interesting that we have pretty much all chosen different items to feature!

    Hugs - Cathy

  2. Pin and Tack is a girl after my own heart, shabby chic...love the write up....Monika

  3. Beautiful blog and promotion post for Pin and Tack. You have really caught not only what great handcrafted design's but a bit about the artistic designer herself. This tag is one of my favorite's http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/PinAndTack/4702937

  4. Darling picks! I love her shop, so many cute things to look at. Thanks for sharing a very talented artist with us.

  5. Thank you for featuring me on your blog! You are just splendid :)


    PS - Win handmade goodies AND promote yourself here:
    Just link your entry to your shop or blog :)

  6. Alice seems to be very popular amongst us IBH folks.
    Nice article.